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Hotwire- The Rate is Hot!


Making the right reservations at the wrong time can be crucial to your budget. In a perfect world, where you have no budget, where all vacations or trips are booked a year in advance, paid for in full, and all airfare, hotel and car rental accommodations be given to you at the cheapest rate possible because after all, you have all of your ducks in a row. Right? Wrong.

When planning a vacation, sure it can pay off to book as far in advance as possible and it may even benefit you to reserve your car rental and airfare to ensure you get to keep your dates. However, there are still last-minute deals out there. Because honestly, even if I had no budget, I would want to save as much as possible. You are free to disagree.

So let's discuss "last-minute" for a quick sec. Some people have to leave at the last-minute. It may be for business, a tragedy, or a quick get-away. It doesn't have to be a vacation. What is considered last minute travel? I believe we all can agree it means, "short notice." In my opinion, last minute would consist of 1-3 weeks prior to the departure date, but for many, last minute, is literally, last minute... hours before their reservations or flight times. 

Life happens and many people have to reschedule or postpone their plans. Did you know many companies, such as Hotwire are still able to sell those flights or reserve those car rentals or hotel rooms at an even more discounted price!

I have experienced first hand, on several occasions, I might add, that over 60% can be saved on booking your reservations. This stands to be correct on both hotels and car rentals. There have even been times when family members or friends travel with us and stay at the same hotel as we do while we pay half the price.

What is the catch? The rate is hot!  AND You may not know exactly what hotel or facility you will be renting from, but you will be booking through Hotwire and with a little research, you can figure out or at least narrow your hotel down to 2 places.

Here's an example of how to find an affordable 5 star hotel. First, decide what part of the city or town you want to be located in. (They usually make this easier by dividing the areas and explaining the sights of each area) Then, decide which amenities you will need (e.g. Free breakfast, pool, internet, etc) Next, you decide the quality of hotel by the star ratings it's been given. At this time, when you try to book the hotel, it will give you a caliber of hotels that fits your choices. Finally, research the area to get an idea of which of those hotels are actually offered in your area. 

While you may not be able to figure out the exact hotel on the first try, but as long as you are getting the right caliber of hotel with the amenities and in the area of your choice, you should be happy with your choice. You can always choose from the standard rate hotels and closer to the original price, but there's something about knowing my hot rate hotel is also listed in those lists, for more money, that makes it more intriguing for me to save more money.

You don't have to be traveling to Seattle as the banner in the beginning suggests. You can travel anywhere! If you want to save at least 50% on your next hotel, airline, or car rental Click this link:
















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