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Planning the Perfect Baecation

Valentines Day is less than a month away which means very soon, most local restaurants will be packed and reserved, hotels will be booked, flights will be expensive and full and people everywhere will be spending time with their significant others, showing gratitude and acts of affection to prove their love to one another.

Terms of endearment such as "sweetheart" and "honey" are used more often. The term "My baby" has been used a lot, but more so now than ever, the term has been shortened to "bae" and it's commonly used across the world on all social media platforms by all genders and in different types of relationships. 

So what is a baecation and how do you plan one? A baecation is a vacation taken with someone special. Not to be confused with a staycation (we will discuss that in a different post) It's the new aged term for a romantic vacation or special time spent with "Bae". It can be planned in advance or it can be a quick get away. The most important aspect is to get a sitter, if need be, and find a way to unwind and relax with your bae. To plan the perfect baecation, be mindful of destinations, locations, activities and/or moments your bae may enjoy.

Should you travel nationally or internationally? Does your bae enjoy hot or cold weather? Do they like to dance? If so, consider a romantic place that has an excited nightlife environment. There's always something to do in some cities.  Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, are just a few places to name a few.

Does he or she like to go hiking? Do they like waterfalls? How about taking long walks? Perhaps your destination has beautiful scenery or has a park that offers horse and carriage rides. Gatlinburg, TN and Bronson, MO are good places for that. What are some of their favorite foods? Are there any new restaurants to try?

Creating the perfect baecation will depend on how in tune you are with your bae, but most importantly you want to be able to splurge without breaking the bank. To find an adult-only resort, Go to:



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