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When To Use a Travel Agent


People travel for several reasons, but it's almost impossible without a location. Sure it's fun to get in a car without a specific destination in mind only to end up exploring a small town a few states over. However, having an organized trip can make traveling much easier. 

For people that do not have the time and/or energy to compare hotel and airline prices, read & compare reviews, research specific areas to find recreational activities or where the cleanest beach in the area is located, a travel agent is needed. 

Candance Jordan-Germany is an agent and owner of Tremonae Travel.  They offer  family and budget friendly vacations, but can also offer romantic luxurious ones as well. One of the best things I enjoy about her agency is that she takes the time to listen to the details. She is also good at communicating ideas with you and strives to give you several options of travel to choose from.  

So the next time you need a break or need to take a quick or long vacay, contact Tremonae Travel and let them do all of the planning for you. Go to: https://tremonaetravel.com/



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