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Turn Your Stressings into Blessings

Are you stressed during this holiday season? You’ve known all year that Christmas comes in December, but somehow, it crept up on you and you find that you are still unprepared for it. Many people wait for Black Friday sales to shop in-store, which can add stress. Others, wait until Cyber Monday to shop online, which can also add stress. It would be ideal to buy gifts and on-sale items throughout the year as the holidays approach to avoid having to buy everyone’s gift at once. Life isn’t always ideal though, right? Life happens and we are forced to direct our focus on more important things than gifts, e.g. life, children, family, jobs, church, school, sports, etc. Some of us wear so many hats and are pulled in so many different directions that it’s a necessity to prioritize our schedules just to get through a regular work week, let alone to add shopping for gifts to the list. Bottom line: We don’t always have time!
Instead of stressing over things that can’t be given for the holidays, focus on what you can give. Can you afford to shop online? Does that give you more time to dedicate to something else? Can you afford to give your time? Do you have non-perishable food items or clothes that can be given to someone in need? The things you stress about and take for granted today are things some people would consider blessings and never take for granted. Turn your stressings into blessings. You never know who may need you the most.


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