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Wash away your troubles with some bubbles!

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath can’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” -Sylvia Plath
Taking a bath to reset and unwind has been a method used in every culture, race, age, and even some religions. For generations families have been teaching the importance of good personal hygiene and staying clean to promote good health. It is taught to wash hands several times throughout the day, to wash our hair and keep it clean, to bathe our bodies and keep it clean. However, in many homes the bathing of the body aspect includes a shower, not a bath. What is the difference?
Some believe that taking a bath is dirty within itself as you eventually end up sitting in a tub of your own dirt. Others say its too time consuming or it wastes large amounts of water. FYI, Studies show that more water is wasted during a shower than taking a bath. With this being said, there are a few of us who believe in doing both. Taking a shower to get clean and then taking a bath to relax would be ideal. Bathing without showering first has the same concept of getting into a hot tub without a shower, only in many instances, public jacuzzis or hot tubs can be extra disgusting, more so than your own bath tub, but you get the idea. It’s nasty.
Once you are clean enough to take a relaxing bath (sounds weird, but I wouldn’t have it any other way), there are ways to create a spa like experience. One of the most common ways to do this is by adding bubbles. There’s nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath right? The old age concept that involves adding a teaspoon of dish washing detergent to create the most bubbles (Dawn works great) never gets old. It may not be too healthy for your skin, though, as when you exit the bath and dry off it can leave your skin extremely dry. It can also result in an infection down there if you have sensitive skin. It’s also typical for people to dim or turn off the lights, play soft music and light candles, which helps create a certain ambiance in the room. The new conception, and by new I mean the concept has been around forever, but more people are sharing it and it’s getting a new buzz. Bath oils and Bath bombs. What goes around comes around again, right?
Choosing the correct bath oils and bath bombs is extremely important, especially for females. Sure we want the bath water to have an illuminating fragrance. Absolutely, the bathing experience can be even better with fuzzing water that changes colors and makes the bath water look “pretty.” The cleanup of the stains some bath bombs leave behind can be a workout within itself. If that does not add insult to injury, the wrong kinds of welcoming scents and the vibrant colors, can cause an infection “down there” which happens very frequently for ladies as a result of trying to relax for a few moments. There is nothing relaxing about having to apply cream and take antibiotics. I joke about this, but it’s so common that it must be addressed in a discussion about baths. So how do these women prevent this from happening and still be able to enjoy a relaxing spa-like bath experience?
Natural products! I know it took me a long time to get to the point, but I wanted to discuss the obstacles people face when trying to relax via bathing. The emphasis of not using artificial oils or bath bombs is now becoming a trend, but which natural organic ones are safe to use? Natural Organic bath bombs should still smell great and make the bath water fuzzy and pretty, but it should not stain your tub or skin and should leave your skin feeling moisturized and fresh. Sounds like a great concept doesn’t it? It does make for a different relaxation experience. The biggest difference most people recognize first is the price. Organic bath bombs can be very pricey. So much so that the average bath bomb can be purchased for about $9.95. The bath bomb market has become very competitive. Desired Most sells an organic bath bomb 6 piece set for $45.99 that is on sale right now for $31.99. That’s less than $6.00 per bath bomb! Unlike most bath sets which carry one or two scents, each bath bomb has its own color and scent. Each scent is used to treat a different stress. The Vanilla bath bomb is used to soothe muscles, the Eucalyptus one is used to refresh the brain, the Lemon bath bomb is used to remove tiredness, just to name a few.
The most unique thing about Desired Most is they like to communicate with their clients. The whole store is dedicated to helping people relax. I’m sure if there is a particular scent or oil you are interested in, you can let them know and they will try to find it for you. Nevertheless, everyone should have an opportunity to relax and reset to stay refreshed and renewed and you should be able to do it your own way. Be mindful the journey to relaxation can be a short one. When all else fails, take a bath! Wash away your troubles with some bubbles!

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