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How do you reset?


Resetting the mind and body after a long day, week, month, or year is always a good thing. Personally, I like to reset at least every 3 months and I prefer to travel. In a perfect world there would be a list of places I want to experience, a bucket list if you will, to write about and tell others if it is a good place to reset. However, life happens and I am not always able to step away for more than a day and I have to find other ways to reset.

So how do I determine the level of the reset needed? Sometimes reading a book will do the trick, just a day to myself with no husband, children, cell phone or laptop. Other times sitting in front of the TV and binge watching an entire season of Power, to get caught up, as my schedule is too hectic for me to watch it during the week. Taking a hot bath will do the trick every time. I'm not talking about just getting in warm water, I'm talking about bubbles, jets, fragrances, and tranquility taking over the ambiance of the bathroom. Blow up the portable hot tub, turn on soft music, light aromatherapy candles, and relax in the bath, then top it off with a massage. If you are alone, get a massage pillow, but be mindful to know the extent of what reset is needed for your level of stress. You are worth it. We have products that will create the perfect home spa. Check out our "Pamper Yourself" collection.

How do you reset?


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