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About Us

Desired Most, LLC was designed to give people a chance to acquire what they desire most. In August, 2018, Founder and CEO, Jirrodda B. Williams desired peace of mind. In her opinion, she needed an opportunity to reset.

"For me resetting meant taking a vacation. Life has it stressors as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and full-time employee. I have always loved to travel and just wanted a chance to get away from it all, for a moment, so I could reset my mind, body, and spirit."

She later found out there were other people who wanted to get away from their stressful lives to reset, relax and regroup so they could reconnect, to feel refined and renewed. Thinking everyone desired the need to travel as their way to reset, she created an e-commerce store that sold travel organization accessories to help make packing easier for them. One obstacle she faced stemmed from clients who thought they could not afford to travel. Her online store then became a gateway for affordable vacations. She also added relaxation accessories to her inventory for those who preferred to stay at home and relax.

Sounds great right? Well here was the issue with that. Not everyone desires a vacation to reset. In fact, she was approached by people whose stressors are, but not limited to: 

Career changes or job placement, Automobile searches, Home transition, just to name a few. 

"Everyone is different. Therefore everyone's solution will be different. I believe in discussing the issues together with each client so we can identify the appropriate solutions and avenues to help you become stress-free." Jirrodda explains. 

It was then she realized how she could help people who reset differently. Their reset would be unique and determined by their stressors. She would need to offer different services and products, but understands there is no "one" way to fix everyone's situation.

It didn't take long before she determined that Desired Most would no longer be an e-commerce store that only sells products, but a brand that also provides several services that have one thing in common. 

In December of 2018, Desired Most, LLC was created to help more people. It includes the e-commerce store. When asked what services she was selling, Jirrodda responded, "Peace of Mind ... and it's not for sale. I'm giving it away." 

Although the products at Desired Most are not free, most of the services provided by Desired Most are of no cost to the recipients. 

"I really just want to help everyone live their best life." Jirrodda explains. She writes a blog on her website. Be sure to follow and share with her what you desire most.